About us


Sina Health Development High Tech Company with professionals in the field of EMF measurements, EMF shielding and protection provides services to create a safe environment for its customers.
Devices such as Wi-Fi, microwaves, BTS, cordless phones etc. emit electromagnetic radiation, so regardless use of mentioned devices will leads to negative consequences and side effects. Sina Health Development High Tech. Co. by 10 years’ experience in EMF shielding fields has strived to provide consulting services for a healthier world by continuous researches and international communications with researchers and experts.
We work as a professional company in Electromagnetic Field measurements, EMF troubleshooting, Microwave shielding, Mitigation of Electromagnetic Fields and Electrical power engineering. Furthermore, the main goal of this group is to improve EMF protection products such as EMF protective textiles (maternity, underwear, curtain, canopy, and fabric), wallpapers, window films, Shielding Paints and etc.
Our customers are assured that the effectiveness of each product has verified before it leaves our facility. Detect, Protect and Verify are our 3 pillars of operation. We envision this as our path to success.
Our group is the only EMF product and service supplier in Iran. As pioneers within our industry we foresee many opportunities in our future. Our experience, knowledge and strong roots in the industry and marketing will be our guide into future endeavors. We value the partnerships with our trusted suppliers in this industry, the relationships with people and organizations who have entrusted our company.