About us

Sina Health development High Tech Co. which named “Waves Clinic”, with professionals in the field of EMF measurements and evaluations, EMF shielding and protection solutions provides services to create the immune environment for its customers.

Artificial sources of EMF such as Wi-Fi Routers, microwaves ovens, BTS, cordless phones, power lines, many home appliance and etc., emit electromagnetic radiation which have side effects on human health even at low levels. “Waves Clinic” by more than 10 years’ experience in EMF shielding, has tried to provide consulting services for the development of healthy life style and well-being by continuous researches and international communications with researchers and experts. We work as a professional company in Electromagnetic field evaluation and measurements, EMF troubleshooting, Electromagnetic field shielding and mitigation, representation of a wide range of personal and environmental EMF shielding products in lowest price with trained experts for applying the solutions and holding of the workshops and educational courses for public and professional persons or organs.

Our targets of this group are improvement of public health by informative actions and development of products’ quality and effectiveness (maternity, underwear, curtain, canopy, and fabric, wallpapers, window films, Shielding Paints and etc.), localization of shielding technology and developments in radiation shielding field.

Verification of our products are tested by the standard equipment in the moment of services provided for our customers or every keen person with representation of services after sales for many years later. Our group is the only supplier of EMF immunization products and services in Iran and as pioneers within our industry, we foresee many opportunities in our future. Our experience, knowledge and strong base the industry and marketing will be our guide for future endeavors. We are proud of the partnerships with our trusted suppliers in this industry, the relationships between people and organizations who have entrusted our company.