Dr. Ali Zeinali CV

Dr. Ali Zeinali (CEO and member of board of directors)

Dr. Ali Zeinali
  • MBA Entrepreneurship, Faculty of Entrepreneurship Tehran University
  • Professional PhD of business administration, Faculty of Entrepreneurship Tehran University
  • Researcher and practitioner in the field of electromagnetic radiation and the side effects
  • Inventor of EMF shielding nanocoating, EMF shielding wallpaper, EMF shielding window film, EMF shielding plaster panel and EMF shielding paint
  • Publication of articles about electromagnetic waves and methods of shielding in many conferences in Iran such as Iran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran University of Medical Sciences and Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences and Health Services
  • Membership of US green building council
  • Membership of The American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologies (AARST)
  • Membership of Biosafety Society of Iran
  • Membership of Iranian Genetic Society (I.G.S)
  • Membership of Iranian Health Education & promotion Association
  • Certification of protection against RF/MW radiation from Atomic Energy Organization
  • Ten years scientific and practical experience in the field of EMF shielding