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RF-Analyzer HF35C

“RF-Analyzer HF35C”

  • HF35C – RF/HF计发现频率从 800MHz 到 5GHz。HF35C 有好用特点解析HF-原:
  • 手机 (GSM, UMTS/G3),无绳电话,蓝牙。可以表示峰值和平均值。

HF35C 电磁场计特点

  • 频率范围: 800 MHz – 2.7 GHz
  • 测量范围:1 – 1999 µW/m²
  • 信号评级:可以表示峰值和平均值。
  • 测量: 0,49 公斤
Frequency range: 800 MHz – 2.7 GHz
Measurement range: Power flux density: 0.1 – 1999 µW/m²
Precision: Basic accuracy (CW) including linearity tolerance: +/- 6 dB Zero offset and rollover +/- 9 digits
Sensor: Logarithmic periodic antenna
Audio analysis: Identification of pulsed radiation sources (mobile radio (GSM, UMTS/G3), cordless telephones (DECT), WLAN (Bluetooth), air-traffic control-radar) by means of an acoustic signal proportional to the modulation frequency
Signal rating: Display of peak value as well as average value (switchable)
Power Supply: 9 Volt alkaline manganese battery (included), average operation time 6 – 7 hours Low-Batt. indication, auto-power-off