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Sina Health Development Co (Waves Clinics), as a knowledge-based company in Sharif University of Technology Park with professional experts in the field of electromagnetic field (EMF) measurements and shielding, have been active since 2006 with brilliant records. Targets of waves clinics’ team are a representation of solutions, services, and products in the field of public protection about new environmental pollutions especially Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and methods of EMF shielding in the national and international area. Waves Clinics’ activities include:
1. Methods and solutions of immunization against electromagnetic waves to improve the lifestyle and the proper use of technology especially artificial sources of electromagnetic fields.
2. Producing electromagnetic field shielding products such as EMF shielding clothes for individual protection against electromagnetic waves. Also, a variety of products are represented for shielding of buildings against electromagnetic waves pollutions.
3. Evaluation and measurement of electromagnetic pollutions levels in places are done according to the precautionary guidelines of building biology and ecology  (SBM 2015).
4. Several books are published such as “electromagnetic fields, biological effects and protection solutions”, ‘A guideline to have a health home about electromagnetic field pollution” (in Persian, English and Chinese) and the book of “Radon gas, Biological effects and methods”, and also producing educational contents for n increment of public information in the field of "EMF public health".
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Measurement of electromagnetic radiation and electromagnetic pollution

Electromagnetic waves are rapidly increasing due to the developments provided by modern technology convert as one of the most important concerns in the world. Electromagnetic waves pollution can cause different and undesired effects based on interference with biological signals in the body. So electromagnetic pollution levels may be significant in many places and may cause serious long-term health effect on people’s body. The importance of knowing levels of electromagnetic waves is very essential especially when the critical group of people (such as pregnant women, children or infants, patient, elderly people, people with certain diseases such as diabetes, MS, cancer, etc.) are living in these places. So technical solutions should be present by experienced experts based on the comparison of Measurement results with guidelines of building biology and ecology.

Measurement of electromagnetic radiation and electromagnetic pollution

Introducing New Pollution: Nowadays, one of the most important and environmental pollution all around the world is Electromagnetic Fields which is increased by the development of technology and communication infrastructures. The physiological function of the human body is based on electromagnetic signals. Human has been exposed by natural levels of electromagnetic waves from such phenomena […]

Effectiveness of Shielding in Places about Electromagnetic Field

Protection Against Electromagnetic Fields: Regarding the side effects of electromagnetic waves, which is presented as a result of numerous scientific studies in this field, technical measures in necessary conditions, can prevent from many consequences and act as prevention from treatment in case of EMF diseases and syndromes. One of the most important places which are […]

EMF Health Fact Sheet for Your Family

In this article, we try to modify your lifestyle with simple solutions. Please follow us and try to implement whatever we say. Hold Off Cell Phone for Your Children! You must hold off your cell phone when you embrace your children. Talking with cell phones near the children is very dangerous. The use of cell […]

the benefits of barefoot walking

The benefits of barefoot walking and grounding! In this case, “positive” is not a good thing. Why? You may remember that everything including the atoms like humans. Atoms are neutral because they have an equal electron and proton unless they lose an electron. When an atom has an unpaired electron, it’s become a “free radical” […]

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