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12 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy Period Against EMF pollution!

EMF Radiation Effect on pregnant women! 

Non-ionizing radiation doesn’t have enough strength to break molecular bonds. But it doesn’t mean non-ionizing radiation is safe and it id without any danger.  This type and level of radiation are dangerous for a long time.

It’s interesting to know that the radiation effect of non-ionizing and ionizing rang is no same in the different human bodies.

For example, the child’s, oldest people, illness people, and pregnant women are more at risk.

Recent research, most sources such as mobile phone, Wi-Fi, laptop, tablet, telecommunication antenna, game console, and other electronic devices, make an EMF pollution with non-ionizing rang.

In this modern lifestyle, these sources are so common so increasing the EMF pollution is so intellectual.

“Waves Clinic main goal is health when you use electronic sources”

Pregnant women must attend to protect items because the fetus is so risky.

Why the fetus is so risky?

The wave’s effects on some tissues like a womb are so dangerous because the womb is full of water. Now you think the fetus is in a womb for 9 months. The fetus is so small and weak; this reason is enough to show EMF effects on it.


The fetus’s skull is so effective, small and delicate, so EMF pollution that makes from a cellphone, Wi-Fi, tablet, laptop and… can cause some problems such as DNA defect, defect of growth, autism even miscarriage and so on.

What should you do in the pregnancy period?

  1. You must know the correct use of electronic devices
  2. Decrease the time of using electronic devices
  3. Protect your-self against EMF pollution with EMF shielding dress
  4. Use EMF shielding products to isolate your home or workplace
  5. Use the airplane mode of your mobile phone especially at night
  6. Avoiding electronic devices when you want to sleep, somehow isolate your bedroom against electronic devices.
  7. Never use cordless phone forever
  8. Never use microwaves oven in pregnancy period
  9. If you want to use a laptop or some other baby monitor, keep the 80-centimeter distance
  10. When you want to speak with a cell phone, use air-tube hands-free or speaker mode instead of direct cellphone using, wired hands-free or Bluetooth headset.
  11. Don’t use a game console
  12. As long as possible don’t use the mobile data and make sure to turn off it when you don’t need it. Wi-Fi is similar to mobile data but with less risk.

Waves Clinic Products:

Waves Clinic presents EMF measurement to determine the type, intensity, and direction of waves. After that, if your building has EMF pollution, present EMF pollution such as:

EMF shielding paint: this protective paint installs on the wall, ceiling, and floor with 99% efficiency. Also, EMF shielding paint is one of the different products to make RF protection against EMF pollution.

EMF shielding paint; RF shielding paint; RF paint

EMF shielding window film: this product can install on the windows in 3 different grades with the same activity against EMF pollution. The EMF shielding window film has a metal coating on themselves. This feature causes an RF protection with 99% efficiency.

EMF shielding window film

EMF shielding wallpaper: this product is similar to EMF shielding window film and EMF shieling paint by creating a nice and luxury outlook.

EMF shielding wallpaper

For pregnant women present EMF shielding dress to make protection for fetuses and breast tissues. The EMF shielding dress made from EMF shielding fabrics, this fabric is full of Nanosilver fibers can make this mode “RF protection”. One of the main features of Waves Clinic EMF shielding address is that it can cover the shoulder to under hip.

EMF shielding pregnancy dress

This is the difference between EMF shielding dress and pregnancy belly. It’s so clear on the below picture:

EMF radiation modulation

Generally, Waves Clinic products can control RF and microwave frequency with 99% efficiency.