Waves Clinic
United States Green Building Council (USGBC)

One of the most important health agencies in the United States is a United States Green Building Council (USGBC). This association has started its activities since 1993 with cooperating of environmental experts, building engineers, responsible citizens, teachers, and students. Sina Company, as a member of this council, has been used professional and accredited consultant of USGBC’s expertise on improving the health of society.

Canadian Radiation Protection Association (CRPA)

The objective of the Canadian Radiation Protection Association (CRPA) is development and communication of scientific knowledge and practical means for protecting people and their environment about harmful effects of radiation consistent with optimal use of radiation in the improvement of people’s life. Sina Health Development High Tech Co. as membership of CRPA has a crucial role in promoting educational opportunities of us in the field of radiation protection and shielding and also improvement of the health of society.

Building Biology and Ecology

Building Biology and Ecology were established in 1986 to identify various environmental pollution in building and development of standards to eliminate these contaminations to find health environments. this organization has focused on the health effects of the electromagnetic wave as an important source of environmental pollution and tried to reduce these levels to a logical amount by informing people and representation of proper solutions. So Sina Company has been taking part in this project to reduce electromagnetic waves pollutions and consequential side effects.

Microwave News

More than 30 years, Microwave News has been reporting the environmental and health effects of electromagnetic fields. This site is known as an independent resource in the field of EMF protection which covers a section of the non-ionization electromagnetic spectrum, with particular focus on cell phones and power lines, radars and antennas.

International EMF Alliance

The International EMF Alliance has been working independently with professional and scientific experts which focused on healthy living. Experts of International EMF Alliance have experience in a range of biology, physics, medicine, and epidemiology in the scale of electrons and molecules to living cells, tissues, and functions of various body systems. They have researched and focused globally on observed long-term health effects of non-ionization radiation and informing people to modify their lifestyle. Sina health has been following this Alliance to protect people about EMF pollution and its side effects.

Iranian Radiation Protection Society

Iranian Radiation Protection Society was founded in 2009 by the effort of radiation protection experts to promote knowledge of radiation protection and promotion of high professional standards for public and workers ionizing and non- ionizing radiations hazardous. So Sina Health Development High Tech Co as a pioneer in EMF shielding and non-ionizing radiation protection has been followed this society.

Iranian Biotechnology Society

Iranian Biotechnology Society was established in 1997. The perspective of this society is to educate people about the advantages of biotechnology in improving quality of life and grow ties with international experts and work with similar societies by use of intellectual and practical power of biotechnology specialists. So Sina Health Development High Tech Co. can communicate with the scientist of biotechnology field ineffective way all over the world through membership of this society.

Biosafety Society of Iran

Biosafety Society of Iran has been established since 2003 to promote and distribution of biosafety, development of experts in terms of quality and quantities and also Creation of research and studies on biosafety.

The electromagnetic field as an important part of environmental pollution menace the bio-safety. So Sina Health Development High Tech Co. as members of this society has tried to provide a safe environment with low levels of electromagnetic field levels.

Iranian Genetic Society

Iranian Genetic Society was established in 1966.

Most important goals of this organization include informing and providing educational courses for public and the creation of supportive association about genetic disease.

Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) has different side effects on biological tissues especially on DNA molecules and consequential genetic interference on the embryo. So Sina Health Development High Tech Co. becomes a member of this community to access the latest researches data in this field.