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Many people in the world are suffered from hazardous biological effects of EMR like allergies, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, neurological disorders (such as autism), auto immune system diseases, cancers, and Alzheimer’s disease.
Your family health is being threatened by Electro-magnetic fields (EMF) pollutants. Recent studies show the damaging consequences of EMFs on people well-being; nevertheless, much of this information has been ignored by our Government and suppressed by those who have much to lose if the real truth were revealed.
A wide range of electromagnetic sources such as BTS, cell phones, RF transmitters, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cordless phones endanger your family’s health.
Sina Health Development High Tech. Co. is a knowledge based company with the goal of helping you protect your health by mitigating EMR side effects. Here we provide consultant services to make a safe environment for your family. Our proficient team will survey your house and measure EMFs, in follow they will recommend the most desirable protection methods. Moreover, we offer products, which you will follow at our site products menu.

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اندازه گیری امواج و میزان آلودگی امواج الکترومغناطیس محیطی

Measurement of electromagnetic radiation and electromagnetic pollution

ارائه راه حل مناسب برای ایزوله سازی و ایمن سازی با بالاترین راندمان

Providing the perfect solution to isolate and secure your environment with the highest efficiency

ایمن سازی محل آلوده و رفع امواج الکترومغناطیس خارج از استاندارد

EMF shielding and elimination of electromagnetic radiation pollution

Anti-Radiation Products
اندازه گیری امواج

Measuring Device of Electromagnetic Radiation

لباس بارداری ضد امواج

Anti-radiation Textiles

برچسب شیشه نانویی ضد امواج الکترومغناطیس

Anti-radiation Nano-glass Sticker

گن بارداری ضد امواج الکترومغناطیس

Anti-radiation Maternity Gan

Our Projects
ایمن سازی ساختمان با کاغذ دیواری ضد امواج

Securing the building with Shielding wallpapers

ایمن سازی ساختمان با برچسب ضد امواج

Securing the buildings with shielding window films

اندازه گیری امواج و کاهش میزان آلودگی امواج الکترومغناطیس

EMF measurement and reducing the pollutions

Certificates & Honours
علی زینلی (مدیرعامل و عضو هیئت‌ مدیره)

Ali Zeinali
(CEO and member of board of directors)

دکتر غلامرضا حبیبی (عضو هیئت‌ مدیره)

Dr Gholamreza Habibi
(Member of board of directors)

دکتر محمدرضا نظری (رئیس هیئت‌ مدیره)

Dr MohammadReza Nazari
(Chairman of the Board)

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