Waves Clinic

Sina Health Development High Tech Company (Waves Clinics) present the following services as a pioneer of public protection about electromagnetic pollution levels.

1- Measurement of Electromagnetic Pollution Levels in Buildings

Measurement of electromagnetic pollution levels in residential and official buildings is one of Sina’s health services which are applied by experienced experts and specialized equipment.
Measurement of electromagnetic pollution determined three characteristics of waves pollution such as the type, intensity and the direction of waves that enters the environment (frequency range: RF and microwave and ELF).
Technical measurement devices are capable to detect waves which are emitted from artificial sources such as telecommunication infrastructures, wireless devices, Wi-Fi modems, cellphones and cordless phone, microwaves, Bluetooth and etc.

2- Consultation

After measurements of the environmental waves pollution’s, results are compared with Building Biology and Ecology guideline (SBM 2008) which is focused on sources of pollution in building (especially electromagnetic filed levels in a special area such as bedrooms) to improve the health of public people and also a representation of protective solution based on condition.

3- Electromagnetic  Shielding

Waves Clinic with more than 15 years’ experience in the field of electromagnetic field shielding, a present different type of individual and environmentally protective products in appropriate price. Implementation of EMF shielding material for buildings applied by experienced experts in effective and economic methods.
There are many different places in which have been shielded about electromagnetic fields levels by “Waves Clinics” including residential building, schools, and educational centers especially kindergartens, official building and organizations, medical centers and hospitals and etc.

4- Representation of Protective Products

Individual Protective Products: Representation of a wide range of protective products for public especially for critical groups such as pregnancy EMF shielding sarafone and dress, EMF men underwear, infant EMF shielding clothes, bed protective products, EMF shielding canopy and curtains, EMF shielding fabrics.
Environmental Protective Products: Representation of protective products for shielding of building such as EMF shielding paint, EMF shielding window film, EMF shielding wallpapers and etc.

5- Holding of Educational Courses and Seminars

for public people, organizations, medical and prenatal care centers, schools and etc. with a target of modifying lifestyles along with proper use of technology