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Measurement of Electromagnetic Field Levels

Measurement of electromagnetic waves pollution

controlling and evaluation of electromagnetic field levels is important because of this type of pollution is not recognizable by the five senses of humans. So electromagnetic pollution levels may be significant in which cause serious long-term health effect on people’s body.  The importance of knowing levels of electromagnetic waves is essential when the critical group of people (such as pregnant women, children or infants, patient, elderly people, people with certain diseases such as diabetes, MS, cancer, etc.) are in places.  In these conditions, the levels of electromagnetic field pollution must be investigated. Therefore, the evaluation of electromagnetic field pollution levels is recommended for places in which pregnant women are present there.

Measurement of electromagnetic field levels are as follows:

  • First please contact the company for coordination of measurement time by relevant experts.
  • Experts will be present in place with high tech monitoring equipment to detect three parameters of waves such as type, intensity and entrance direction.
  • There are some simple solutions that can be effective for pollution management of such devices as cordless phones, cell phones, Wi-Fi modems, and more.
  • If there are external sources of pollution, such as cell towers, BTS and etc., it is essential to apply an effective solution for the reduction of electromagnetic waves.
  • Measurement process takes about 30 minutes.
  • This measurement method is according to the precautionary guideline of American Institute of Building Biology and Ecology which controlled levels of electromagnetic field (EMF) pollution.

It should be noted that it is impossible to move cell towers which are under the supervision of the Atomic Energy Organization and Communications Regulatory Authority of Iran because they are compatible with national and international regulatory authorities. But there are more important problems about people with high sensitivity to electromagnetic field levels who react their body when exposed to these waves which caused health effects. Consequently, the American Institute of Building Biology and Ecology has made SBM 2015 for more sensitive individuals.

In case of high levels of EMF pollution, shielding solutions are represented. In most cases, levels of electromagnetic field pollution are controlled by applying EMF shielding paints, window film, and wallpapers. Shielding efficiency is controlled after applying EMF reduction solutions again.

Waves Clinics are able to detect and measure electromagnetic waves emitted from the following sources:

  • Detection of electromagnetic pollution levels (electric and magnetic fields) and problems of electrical wiring and pollution associated with electrical appliances in the bedroom and etc.