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Did you know building paint can increase health and safety of your home ?

What is EMF Shielding Paint?

We want to talk about EMF (electromagnetic field) shielding Paint.

In this modern society, we cannot avoid using electronic devices. On the other hand, we cannot ignore the danger of emitting electromagnetic waves from many artificial sources of an electromagnetic field. So we can use technology by considering the health side effects and try changing our lifestyle.

What is EMF shielding paint?

The infield of EMF(electromagnetic field) protection, there are some different EMF shielding products for safety of people and places. One of the most important EMF shielding Products is EMF shielding as a high-tech product which can help to increase your home safety and health. The EMF shielding paint function is such that absorb and some times reflect EMF pollution with 99% efficiency.

EMF shielding paint has the capability to use in exterior and interior walls. Therefore, the architects, interior designers, civil engineers, building companies, and… can use it to preset more valuable buildings. This electromagnetic field shielding and conductive paint have excellent shielding qualities to protect us against RF radiation, microwaves, and low-frequencies electric field if grounded in the right way.

RF shielding paint (EMF Shielding Paint) is an electro-conductive coating that doesn’t need any solvent. It’s water-based and low-emission.

Actually, EMF shielding paint it’s a primer with excellent adhesive to many surfaces such as latex paint, contraction board, cement, plaster, polystyrene, masonry surfaces and so on.

before and after shielding

As better you know, the RF shielding paint it’s corrosion-resistant without any metallic particles.

This question may come to you that, how can we paint a house or some other building such as residential and official?

After measuring EMF pollution levels which is come from many inside and outside artificial sources of electromagnetic fields such as mobile, Wi-Fi routers, telecommunication antennas and infrastructures, smart gadgets and devices, baby monitors, consuls, laptop and tablets and… it easy to apply in necessary conditions. It is necessary to say that it must be done by technical experts to apply correctly and ground truth.

emf shielding paint


Finally, in the dangerous situation of chronic exposure of electromagnetic fields (EMF), waves clinic suggest to you to use this high tech product (EMF shielding Paint)  to increase your health against common disease like insomnia, fatigue, tinnitus, sleep disorders, etc.

The main and important organizations such as the United States Green Building, World Health Organization, and others, confirm the effect of EMF pollution with strict advice to use EMF shielding products.