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Correct Use of Mobile!

simple tips and easy solution to reduce cellphone exposure!

Cell phones

  • Remove the cell phone from your head during calls using speakerphone or cable hands-free.


danger of cellphone


  • Do not carry the phone in your pocket when you talk, as the genitals are particularly sensitive to wireless radiation.
  • Limit your talk time from using it when it is really necessary – better contact by sending SMS.
  • Prefer fixed telephone lines, especially when making long calls.
  • Prefer to make calls when you have a 3G signal as the emitted radiation is much less than when you have a 2G signal.
  • Avoid using the phone in areas with bad signal, because the phone will be transmitting at full power in order to connect (best signal is usually next to the windows).
  • Avoid using your mobile phone inside the car, on trains, boats, buses, etc. because the radiation will be recycled internally reflected on metal surfaces, but also, as you move the mobile phone transmits at full power trying to connect to the nearest antenna.
  • Using Bluetooth headset is not recommended since it is a weak but permanent radiation source (exception: when you talk too much on the cell phone, especially in areas with poor signal, it is preferable to keep your phone and Bluetooth headset away and peak up your Bluetooth headset when you have a call).
  • Divide your talk time holding the cell phone on both sides of the head.
  • If you use a smartphone, turn on the downloadable data via Wi-Fi or the mobile network, only when you want to browse the Internet.
  • Cell phone masts
  • Mobile phone antennas (base stations) radiate continuously.
  • They are usually installed on rooftops in the residential and commercial buildings or on hills (especially next to busy roads)
  • There are everywhere – the most densely populated area, the more cell phone masts.
  • They affect most the areas that have visual contact with the antennas.
  • Cell phone masts are often camouflaged as heaters, billboards, chimneys, etc.

If your phone has low signal in your house, it means that your provider does not have an antenna near you or their signal does not reach you. However, there may a cell phone mast near you from other providers.

  • You can see if you exceed the recommended safety limits due to the cell phone masts in your area (visible or not) by using a High-Frequency Radiation Meter.
  • Identifying the radiation hotspots will help you move your bed, your sofa, and your desk away.
  • Electromagnetic shielding materials that reflect more than 99% of wireless radiation offer simple solutions for protection from wireless radiation.
  • Since windows are the most vulnerable points of penetration from external wireless radiation, the largest decrease in radiation due to cell phone masts can be achieved by placing adhesive film or curtain shield in the windows of the building (especially those facing the antenna).


EMF shielding products


  • The walls of the building reflect/absorb a portion of the external wireless radiation depending on the thickness and type of structural materials. Shielding the walls and ceilings internally or externally with electromagnetic shielding paint or stainless steel mesh can achieve an even greater reduction of radiation in the areas.


EMF shielding paint


  • A practical solution, at least for the sleeping areas, offers the electromagnetic shielding canopies which do not allow the penetration of radiation from most directions, ensuring minimal disturbance of your sleep by current and future wireless radiation sources.