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Do you know why the barefoot benefits to walking on the ground?

The benefits of barefoot walking and grounding!

In this case, “positive” is not a good thing. Why? You may remember that everything including the atoms like humans. Atoms are neutral because they have an equal electron and proton unless they lose an electron. When an atom has an unpaired electron, it’s become a “free radical” with a positive charge. This charges can able damaging and distributing body cell and action and make it happen some disease like Cancer, Insomnia, Hormones distribute, Sleepiness, and etc.

While the electromagnetic waves (EMF) pollution can make a disturbance in body magnetic field. This new pollution made from a cellphone, wireless phone and tools, microwave oven, game console, wifi router, BTS antenna and etc.

So, grounding can make your body charge balances, actually the negative ions of the earth help to balance the positive ions produced in our body by electromagnetic waves, electronics, stress, unhealthy foods, etc.

the electrone move freely between the earth and the grounded human body

A comfortable, economical and fast way to improve your health and reduce are as follow.

1-  Improved and deep sleep

2-   Reducing stress

3-   Reducing hormonal imbalance in women’s PMS and so on can make stronger your immune system.

4-  Reduce or eliminate chronic pain

5-  Increase energy and vitality

6-  Normalize the body’s biological rhythm

7-  Thin the blood and improve flow and blood pressure

8- Protect your body against the artificial and negative environmental electromagnetic field.

Trying it out.

barefoot walking