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Do you want deeper sleep and more energy like since you were a child?

EMF Shielding Products:

Considering the effects of electromagnetic field (EMF) on the body system such as sleep disturbance, lack of deep sleep, feel fatigued after waking up, disruption of melatonin production and… you need to think and find some solutions.

If you spend a lot of time with electromagnetic devices such as cell phones, Wi-Fi, microwaves oven, game console and… probably feel sleep problems mentioned.

Waves Clinic introduces some products for more safety sleep time.

EMF Shielding Canopy:

The canopy offers good shielding against Microwave radiation such as cell phone towers, Wi-Fi, and cordless phones. Side slits provide easy in/out access and multiple ceiling attachments help create excellent inside volume and a sense of airiness. The fabric incorporates super thin silver threads that reflect RF radiation and could help you get the refreshing sleep you need. The Bed Canopy is Easy to install, washable, and no need for grounding. Great for home use or travel.

EMF shielding canopy

Protective Bedding:

Faraday Canopies are great, but sometimes you need a solution that is more portable, less hassle, or simply has the look and feel of “normal”. Protective Bedding is the perfect solution, offering good radiofrequency shielding (more than 90% of cellphone and wi-fi signals bounce right off) and made with comfy, washable, cotton fabric which has Silver-coated Copper fibers woven throughout.

protective bedding

Block Bag:

 Enjoy a peaceful night’s rest under reduced exposure to mobile phone signals! Bloc Bag is a protective sleeping bag made from comfortable, lightweight, microwave reflecting material… superb Swiss Shield Wear cotton shielding fabric is used for the body, and Swiss Shield Daylight polyester mesh fabric for the hood.

block bag