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Do you want safety life? Read EMF shielding paint article

EMF shielding paint

Electromagnetic field or EMF shielding paint is one of the EMF shielding products and methods to prevent electromagnetic damage that can be used on interior and exterior surfaces such as walls, ceiling, and floor.

EMF shielding paint

Why EMF shielding paint must be used?

Unfortunately, new sources in the world produce new pollution that makes a serious problem for all of the people. Mobile, Wi-Fi, cordless phone, telecommunication antenna, and other electronic devices create EMF pollution. Electromagnetic field and waves can create an awful effect on human health and cancer.

Therefore, the development and production of products that are capable of absorbing or reflecting these waves can significantly reduce the risks of using information exchange facilities.

In fact, we use EMF shielding paint and other shielding products to vaccinate residential and official buildings to decrease EMF pollutions.

My shield EMF shielding paint!

My shield EMF shielding paint has unique chemical properties and best protection against EMF pollution in high frequency (RF: radio frequency) and low frequency (ELF), which usually can be used for all parts of the building such as bedroom, child’s room, living room and so on.

It also can be used for office, training center, hospitals, kindergarten and so on.

EMF shielding paint features:

EMF shielding paint based on carbon components with success in different tests.

Waves Clinic Services:

Sina Health developing high tech co. present “My shield” EMF shielding paint and some other services such as EMF measurement and unique solution to supplements EMF shielding products. Waves Clinic services and products working according to the SBM-2015 standard.

EMF shielding paint: SBM-2015