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Don’t Buy Sick Home Because…!

Don’t Buy Sick Home Because…!                                                    

If you have headaches, insomnia, chronic fatigue, pain on eye… and has planning to buy a house read it!

What’s the Meaning of Sick Home?

Living in modern society and electronically lifestyle causes electromagnetic field pollution that unknown to most people. EMF pollution has a different effect on body activity; these effects are different in a short time exposure and longtime exposure.

Do You Think your Home is Sick?

If you live near telecommunication antenna, electricity meter, and your life full of electrical devices such as cellphones, Wi-Fi, microwaves oven, cordless phone, smart gadgets, game console, Bluetooth system and …, unfortunately, you live in a sick home.

sick home

Probably most, your neighbor uses it too. So your surrounded is full of EMF pollution.

What Do We Do to Decrease EMF Pollution?

Fortunately, there is some free and easy solution to decrease radiofrequency and microwaves radiation. Now, this question maybe comes up for you:

Why Radio and Microwave Radiation?

Because the sources mention is in RF and microwave frequency.

Introduce EMF products: 

EMF shielding products are provided for the interior and exterior of your house like EMF protection paint. The EMF shielding paint can install on the different surface likes ceiling, walls, and floor.

The EMF shielding paint based on graphene, so it has a black color that can be used for the substrate. So to use some material like other colorful paint or wallpaper there is no problem and they can be applied on top of it.

EMF shielding paint

If you home EMF pollution in more than the standard range, probably after using one layer of EMF paint and when it has dried, need some paint layer EMF shielding paint again.

Most know the EMF shielding paint reflecting is upper to 99 efficiencies.

The different tape of EMF shielding wallpaper can solve your concerned to cover the black EMF shielding paint with the same activity against EMF pollution.

EMF shielding wallpaper

Maybe your next question be:

We have a Window into Wall, What can we Do to Have an Isolated Window?

EMF shielding window film made as a protective supplement beside EMF shielding paint and EMF shielding wallpaper.

The EMF shielding window films are in 3 grade. The differences grade of window films builds for the difference using, for example, different places with different lighting conditions.

EMF shielding window film

There are more than 20 types of EMF shielding products to building that complement each other.

So if you want to buy a new house or builds construction and repair builds, attention to exterior source around the build and use the EMF shielding products to interior surfaces.

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