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Effectiveness of Shielding in Places about Electromagnetic Fields Levels

Protection Against Electromagnetic Fields:

Regarding the side effects of electromagnetic waves, which is presented as a result of numerous scientific studies in this field, technical measures in necessary conditions, can prevent from many consequences and act as prevention from treatment in case of EMF diseases and syndromes.

One of the most important places which are needed to shield electromagnetic fields is residential buildings. EMF levels in houses are very critical because of family exposure to EMFs all day long have consequential side effects on health.

Pregnant women, infants, and children or people with electrohypersensitivity in these buildings are in critical groups who need to be cautious about EMF levels. Children and babies whose parents protect them from exposure to radiation sources from birth to adolescence have a better chance for better mental and physical health. The quality of sleep and the experience of relaxation in space free of electromagnetic radiation can lead to the increment of personal performance and good feeling.

EMF Protective Solutions: 

EMF shielding of official buildings can be effective for increasing the efficiency of individuals activities all day long. Existence of higher levels of EMF in these places cause foggy thinking and depression, headache, eye and other symptoms, fatigue, stress and etc. it is more important to notice that if pregnant women work in these areas, protective procedures must be done for the health of them and their fetus. waves clinic has many accepted protective solutions for these women.

Also, EMF shielding of care centers and hospitals could have an effective role in the improvement of patient and recovery processes. Some of the diseases begin to develop in the encounter with higher levels of electromagnetic fields. So these centers must be focused on these important concepts.

Reduce EMF Pollution to Increase Health:

The reduction of electromagnetic waves pollution in educational centers leads to the increment of concentration and learning rate of students and also improves the function of them and their teachers.

It is important to preserve yourself and your family’s health as well as your future generations. So managing the artificial sources of electromagnetic fields and also following the technical approaches (if it was necessary) for shielding the places or individuals, must be considered.

shielding of residential building

shielding of educational center

shielding of hospitals and care center