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Electromagnetic field measurement in your home

Electromagnetic field measurement in your home!

Electromagnetic field measurement or electromagnetic field evaluation in your room is very important because of understanding the electromagnetic field levels could play a vital role in your health and safety.

EMF measurement in the home!

measurement low-frequency electric fields:

Any power supply inside or outside of the house, any appliances or lights connected to power generate low-frequency electric fields.

when these appliances plugged in to the wall, even in turn of mode generate an electric field. Even you turned off and plugged out everything, electrical current is still existing in your sleeping room. So for better sleeping, you need to disconnect the supplying circuits of your bedroom from the electrical box of a house.

measurement low-frequency electromagnetic field!

Every home appliance such as refrigerators, washing machines, ovens and … produces low electromagnetic field when switched on which is penetrate our bodies and we cannot shield or eliminate them. But distance is our friends and we can decrease the electromagnetic field levels by increasing the distances. Distribution and transition lines of powers and electrical transportation train are other problems for nearby houses. So people must prevent to live in these areas.

measurement High-frequency electromagnetic field!

High-frequency sources of electromagnetic fields are cell phones, Wi-Fi routers, cell phone towers, and communication infrastructures and…. These types of the electromagnetic field are emitted from personal devices or in many conditions external sources of electromagnetic fields. Personal devices by the purpose of changing the lifestyle could have been managed. In the case of external sources of electromagnetic fields applying protective solutions or EMF, shielding solutions could have been efficient.

In some case, you may be able to evaluate and measure electromagnetic fields levels but it is necessary that a technical EMF expert can evaluate or measure the following parameters in true ways.

Measurement of low-frequency electric fields – such as from your home wiring

Measurement of low-frequency electromagnetic fields – such as from your meter box and home appliances.

Measurement of high-frequency EMF (such as from routers, microwaves, mobile phone towers)

Measurement of dirty Electricity – often generated by dimmer switches, televisions, lighting and solar panel inverters

So for technical evaluation and EMF measurement, please use experiences of relevant experts to be sure about the safety of your places and the health of your families.