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Electromagnetic Field Shielding Services

Electromagnetic Field Shielding Services

Electromagnetic waves are one of the new pollutants around us which is increasingly expanded every day. Hence, the identification and control of these type of pollution are necessary, in such a way that the isolation of the building against the electromagnetic waves is one of the requirements for the construction industry. Also, it is important to notice that some of the buildings under construction, require to shield against the waves.

In general, there are two categories of waves in our lifestyle:

The first one is waves which are being produced by personal devices, such as wireless phones, Wi-Fi routers, internet access points of cell phone, microwave oven, Bluetooth, wearable gadgets and other wireless devices.

The second source of EM waves is coming from outside of the buildings, such as Wi-Fi routers of neighbors, wireless and Internet network, Cellular antennas, and other sources of radio waves.

So it is very important to learn how to manage the internal source of EMF and use of the technical solution to shield our places about electromagnetic waves.

Evaluation of electromagnetic field levels is very important which is must be done in the first steps of EMF shielding process. Measurement of EMF levels is done by technical experts in the location. Intensity, type and entrance direction of waves is evaluated with precision measurement devices by technical experts. After that, approaches and technical solutions are determined to shield the place about EMF pollution. So the place is shielded by the implementation of EMF shielding products such as EMF shielding paint, wallpapers, laminate plate, thin window film and etc.

in the final step, EMF levels are evaluated again by technical experts until pollution levels decreased to reasonable levels and along with proper access to the cellular network.

EMF shielding of buildings under construction process is appropriate to be free of waves before residence. Also, EMF shielding of buildings is recommended for vulnerable people such as children, the elderly and everyone who needs to be in an environment free of EMF Pollution.