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Electromagnetic Field Shielding

Electromagnetic Field Shielding!

One of the most important pollution in our environment is electromagnetic field pollution which is increasing every day along with development in communications infrastructures and artificial sources of EMF. These electromagnetic fields can interference in internal biomagnetic fields in the body. Scientific reports are found that electromagnetic field exposure increases the health risk of public people especially for a critical group such as pregnant women, children and infants, patients, and electro hypersensitivity people. Although in many conditions, the levels of electromagnetic fields could be controlled and managed by modifying the lifestyle, in some cases need to implement technical solutions. Therefore, Electromagnetic shielding could be applied for individual and environmental protection in order to reduce EMF levels to a desirable level.

Electromagnetic shielding of buildings!

Based on adverse health effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields, one of the major approaches is shielding of buildings about electromagnetic field levels especially in the ones which are near the BTS antennas. Importance of this subject is related to long term exposures and consequential side health effects. Scientific believes that international guidelines about electromagnetic field safety couldn’t protect people and must be modified as soon as possible. International Institute for Building-Biology and Ecology has represented a precautionary guideline for safety in the house especially in sleeping rooms by considering safe levels of electromagnetic field levels.

How to shield the buildings about electromagnetic fields?

The first steps in shielding approaches are a measurement of electromagnetic field levels by technical experts with calibrated measurement devices in order to a defined level, direction of entrance and type of waves. In the next steps, experts try to represent simple solutions for the management of internal sources of electromagnetic fields (such as cordless phone, Wi-Fi routers, Cell phones, tablet, laptop, consuls and etc.). Use of electromagnetic field shielding materials is as a technical approach for reducing EMF levels which is based on faraday cup effects.

EMF Shielding products

EMF shielding Materials which are used in building include EMF Shielding Nano Paint, EMF Shielding Window Film, EMF Shielding Wallpaper which reduced the levels of EMF near to 99%. Windows are the most important source of EMF penetration to buildings, so implementation of EMF Shielding Window Film with laminated tapes could be more efficient for EMF levels reduction, and also EMF Shielding Curtain could be another way for EMF shielding, too. EMF shielding Nano paint is a solution for covering the internal and external walls which are needed to be implemented by technical experts. Another choice could be EMF shielding wallpapers which have a variety of models. selection of shielding approach and material is dependent on levels of electromagnetic field levels and may be needed to applied different types of material in many layers. Shielding of the bedroom about electromagnetic wave exposure, because of side effects on sleep disturbance, learning rate, mental ability and etc, is very important.