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EMF Health Fact Sheet for Your Family

In this article, we try to modify your lifestyle with simple solutions. Please follow us and try to implement whatever we say.

Hold Off Cell Phone for Your Children!

You must hold off your cell phone when you embrace your children. Talking with cell phones near the children is very dangerous. The use of cell phones by children for fun or entertainment must be prohibited by parents. The cell phone is not devised for children and transmitted electrical signals every time. If you need to talk to your children, please reduce the time of talking and use text messages. Brian, eyes and sensitive system especially nervous systems absorb more radiation than docents.

Modify Your Habits!

Keep the phone away from your head by using a speaker or hands-free and not carrying it in your pocket. Keeping the cell phone in the pocket of pants could have side effects on fertilizes and sperm morphology. when radiation intensity is highest such as in the time of streaming video, in traveling in a car or using elevators or every time that signal is poor. At this time, you must not use your phone and try to keep away your body. The use of cell phones for playing music by Bluetooth in the vehicle is very dangerous because of trapping the signal in that. Don’t use the laptop on your laps and try to get them in proper distance from your body.

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Use Corded Phone Instead of Cordless One!

A cordless phone can act as a BTS antenna in your house and exposed your family all day long not only in time of talking. So high levels of emitted signals from the cordless phone could have consequential health effects.

Your children can make voice calls on a corded home phone. Remember, even cordless landline phones emit radiation just like cell phones. A cordless phone base is always on and transmitting, even when you are not making a call. Swap your cordless phone for a corded home phone. Forward cell phones to your home or office line when possible.

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Deactivate Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Try to Put Your Phone in Flight Mood Whenever Possible!

Airplane mode with the deactivation of other channels of communication prevents transmitting of signals. If you intend to hand a child a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled device, remember to turn on airplane mode, and disable other channels. Try to download media (away from your body) and see them in the offline mood.

Use of Cords to Connect Smart Devices to Networks!

The connection of smart devices to the internet with cords could reduce microwave exposures.

Power off  Them When Not in Use!

Wireless devices check the network continuously whenever they used or not. So you can easily decrease your radiation exposure all day long by turning off them whenever they are not used. Printers, gaming consuls, entertainment, and computer systems and accessories must be powered off. It is important to notice that plug out these devices when they are not in use.

Take Smart and Electrical Appliance Away from Bedrooms!

Do not use a cell phone or tablet in your bed which has different impacts on your sleep. Don’t use baby monitors for children. These devices transmit high levels of EMFs which has consequential side effects on your baby. Get your bed away from outlets because ELFs could affect your health. Put your wireless modem out of the bedroom and turn it off in the night or when you don’t need it. There have also been reports of fires from exploding electronics and charging cell phones. Always charge cell phones and tech devices outside the bedroom


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