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EMF Shielding Nano Paint!

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  1. Introduction to EMF Shielding Products!
  2. Review of EMF Shielding Nano Paint features!
  3. Other facilities!
  4. EMF Shielding Nano Paint projects!
  5. How to buy EMF Shielding Nano Paint?


1- Introduction to EMF Shielding Products!

Development of telecommunication infrastructures and technologies posed people to high levels of EMF pollution. Results of scientific studies show that EMF exposure of people caused harmful side effects, especially for sensitive people. So the protection of people has to curtail roles on the public health concept of men and future generations.

Production of EMF Shielding products is an important intention for many companies in the world to protect people along with increasing electromagnetic field pollution. Therefore, Waves Clinic team always try to innovate new shielding products and present to protect people from the harmful side effects of EMF pollution.


2- Review of EMF Shielding Nano Paint features!

One of the most important and exceptional EMF shielding products is EMF Shielding Nano Paint. Characteristics of EMF Shielding Nano Paint have a crucial role to be a practical and simple solution for EMF protection in different places. Carbon Nanoparticles in the structure of EMF shielding Nano Paint is a good absorber of high-frequency electromagnetic fields and reduce them more than 99%.

EMF Shielding Nano Paint must be applied by a professional expert in the field of EMF shielding. This paint could be applied even on internal and external walls then covered by common paints or wallpapers.

Specific features of EMF Shielding Paint such as: easy to apply, water-based paint, based on a high-quality pure acrylic binder and etc. caused to be very practical and technical features lead to be effective for blocking microwaves.

Every kilogram of this EMF shielding Paint covers around 5-10 m² with a typical Attenuation around 30 dB per layer. In some cases, the use of one layer could be effective for shielding of buildings, but in some cases, it is needed to apply more than 1 layer. EMF shielding paint can block high and low-frequency wavelengths up to 12 GHz.


3- Other facilities!

The use of other facilities such as earthing plate or tape is needed for applying EMF Shielding Paint efficiently. It is important to notice that EMF Shielding Window Films or EMF Shielding Curtain must be used for covering the windows if it is on the way of EMF waves penetrating direction to the buildings.


4- EMF Shielding Nano Paint projects!

Many different international and national EMF shielding projects implemented by the waves clinic team which used EMF Shielding Nano Paint as an efficient solution for covering internal and external walls to hinder the penetration of EMF pollution.


5- How to buy EMF Shielding Nano Paint?

Fortunately, today EMF Shielding Nano Paint is used all over the world especially in digital marketing and online shopping center such as Amazon, for easy achievement by people. But Waves Clinic with a lot of experience in this field represents EMF Shielding Nano Paint and also other EMF shielding Products with lower prices which can challenge with other same products.

All Construction companies must need to be familiar with EMF Shielding Products. They can use these materials for shielding their buildings to represent safe house especially in crowded areas with more communication infrastructures or near them.

Furthermore, Hospitals and care centers, educational centers and professional places could be shielded too by applying EMF Shielding Products.


Dr. Sahel Rabiee