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EMF Shielding Paint in the World!

Our standard EMF shielding paint based on carbon graphite use for interior and exterior applications.

EMF shielding paint where to be used?

EMF shielding paint can be used in residential and official buildings such as schools, kindergarten, hospitals, offices, houses and so on.

This protective paint can against EMF POLLUTION to have been the peace of mind.

What is EMF POLLUTION that can be controlled with EMF shielding paint?

EMF POLLUTION produces by electrical devices. So the exposure of these sources can be affected in the immune system and other organs of the body.

These effects can appear in a long time and unfortunately in modern society, some people have a bad sensitive than EMF. These people have a new problem that calls “EHS”.

According to the biggest council, that field increases healthy such as WHO, EMF protective products like EMF shielding paint, EMF shielding wallpaper, EMF window films and… are the best choice to decrease EMF pollution.

Present EMF shielding paint:

Lessemf company presents all of the EMF effects and protective products like EMF shielding paint.


www.shieldingpaints.com present many different shielding paints that do the same work with the same features such as attenuation, adhesive tensile strength, moisture resistance.


also one of the many websites that present EMF shielding products, www.emfadvice.com presents YShield paint against EMF POLLUTION.

YShield shielding paint feature linked in here.

some other website suggestion the EMF shielding paint to decrease EMF POLLUTION because they spend time to research about EMF dangerous during the time.


www.emf-protection.com is a website that focuses on EMF, EMF POLLUTION, EMF shielding products, EMF protection solution.

Waves Clinic:

So we can get a result, the main activity and products are the same to detect EMF POLLUTION, present EMF protective solution, EMF shielding products.

Waves Clinic EMF shielding paint is the best product to protection and decreases EMF pollution in different places like other colleagues.