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EMF Shielding Textiles!

Introduce EMF Shielding Textiles:

Production of textiles with vast and different features is one of the most subjects of textile industries all over the world. Different types of textiles with special features can be used for specific targets.

Effect of Electromagnetic Field on the human body: 

Today, shielding about ionizing and non-ionizing radiation has a crucial role in people’s, patient’s and worker’s safety.  Sometimes it is needed to use the sewable and flexible shield to protect whole or partial parts of the body to prevent the health side effects of radiation. Electromagnetic waves that are emitted from manmade sources, beyond natural levels of EMF, is as an important source of pollution that exposed us all day long. The effects of the Electromagnetic waves on living organisms are very dangerous and severe. Electromagnetic waves generate heat by the vibration of molecules and may affect on DNA regeneration and cell specification. Some of the EMF side effects on humans are non-thermal effects which can bother people and annoying them. Some side effects of electromagnetic fields had been reported before. Skin diseases, leukemia, depressions, disturbance in learning and function of the limb, sleep disturbance, headache, insomnia and etc. So it is necessary to protect people and the environment against electromagnetic field pollution.

EMF shielding not only limited to the shielding of the environment but also used in the protection of people as individual protection concepts.

dangerous and severe. When an organism comes in contact with said before, EMF shielding products are categorized in individual and environmental protection products.

Anti Radiation Textil and Dresses: 

EMF shielding of the individual person is included as EMF shielding Textiles, EMF Shielding Maternity Dress, EMF Shielding Infant Clothes, Different types of EMF Shielding Underwear for men and women, EMF Shielding Curtain, EMF shielding Bedding Products, EMF shielding Wi-Fi Cover. But EMF shielding textile is the base of this product with special features which can be said as a conductive material mixed with special fibers for use in EMF shielding applications.

EMF Shielding dress


Silver fibers have prevented the growth of the bacteria and germs which caused by sweating, contamination, or etc. and completely eliminated them and caused the death of the fungus and also silver compounds have crucial roles in the elimination of odors.