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EMF Shielding Wi-Fi Router Cover


Wi-Fi Router Cover: 

EMF shielding Wi-Fi router cover is one of our interesting products. Human concerns are increased about health issues by the development of the telecommunication industry and related infrastructure. Therefore, Waves Clinic (Sina Health Development High Tech Company) is trying to reduce the concerns by informing the people as well as offering the services and amazing products to save people from electromagnetic field pollution.

Levels (intensity) of radiated electromagnetic fields from typical Wi-Fi routers are about 2000-8000 microwatt per square centimeters. But these levels of waves are very high for home specially for bedroom based on precautionary protection levels about EMF presented in SBM 2015 (Building Biology Ecology Guideline).

Wi-Fi router cover is made of EMF shielding fabrics with a metalized silver string having a high technology in product with good efficiency. Metalized strings produce a faraday cage around the Wi-Fi router.

Electromagnetic waves emitted from Wi-Fi router, meet the metalized cage and reflex. In this condition, the direction of radiated waves will change. In fact, the EMF shieling Wi-Fi router covers to control of the EMF pollution of the router by making a shadow for radiated waves. EMF shielding Wi-Fi router cover reduces radiation output by 90-95% but still allows the router to function without losing speed and range.

If anyone sits next to a Wi-Fi router at home or work place, or has children in the house, this is the best solution to reduce electromagnetic waves pollution from Wi-Fi router and cordless phone. Be aware of that, this mechanism of this fabric could not cover the radiated waves from cell phones, because of automatic gain control(AGC), led to increased risk of electromagnetic field exposure to find nearby antenna.

Wi-Fi router cover

 Figure1. Shielding mechanism of metalized fabric about electromagnetic field



Figure2. Distribution of electromagnetic field levels before and after use of EMF Shielding Wi-Fi Router Cover