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Find a Healthy Home:

distribution of power line

In recent decades, distribution and development of telecommunication and wireless technology and power distributed line and electrical rail was and … increase the environmental exposure of public people to man-made sources of EMFs. So every individual is now being exposed to a complex mixture of electric and magnetic fields of different frequencies, both at home and at work. Choice of Properties for living or occupational activities is an important financial decision which is affected by some parameters. One of the most important factors in which has a crucial role in the health of individuals is levels of electromagnetic field levels in properties. So everyone should focus on this concept and know how to find a healthy property.  So let’s move on to the task of finding a low-EMF home or property.

In this decade everybody can search for everything through their own computer before doing every work. So online research on the electronic map can be as a first step to finding quarters with a lot of masts, high power distribution power lines, and electric railways. Today’s urban environments have dozens of cell towers within a few miles. However, many can be shielded or are far enough away to cause little worry. The thing that people want to make sure of is that there is not a major tower within 5-6 blocks or that is line-of-sight to their home.

A school, church or hospital have a high likelihood of either having a cell tower presently or in the near future.

So using Google Maps (satellite view), see if there are major high voltage electrical transmission lines nearby (pictured above). They transmit electricity long distances and can be seen on the satellite maps (they typically have all the trees cut down and no houses are located directly underneath them).


google map to find heather home

Distribution of Cellular network antenna in a quarter on google map


cellular network antenna

View of Cellular network antenna from windows


There can be highly magnetic and electric fields near these lines, which can be measured with the meters. Electrified train lines which operate at the extremely-low-frequency of 16.7 Hertz and can cause health impacts for people who live within approximately 300 meters of the lines.

Everyone can typically remediate the inside of his home once he purchases or rent it. However, if high sources of EMF pollution were outside of the property, then even the most expensive remediation techniques will not make the home a healthy place to live. This is why it is so important to evaluate the surrounding area around the new home. So investigation of the home is more important by walking around it and having a comprehensive view from the rooftop of the building.

There may be cell antennas or power lines overhead. The local power lines in front of a prospective home look inconsequential is needed to test for magnetic fields. Any electrical transformers on the poles near the prospective home should be evaluated. These transformers do not necessarily emit high electric or magnetic field themselves (the fields diminish within 10-20 feet). However, because they step up the electrical current within the lines, they may create higher magnetic fields on the lines going away from the transformer.


power line

Power lines near the house


At a distance <10 meters of low or/and medium voltage cables, particularly in densely populated areas. High magnetic fields can be recorded in apartments of 1st and 2nd floor that have overhead low or medium voltage cables nearby. Also, in underground or ground floor area when there are underground low or medium voltage cables (i.e. ground floor shops in shopping streets).

Cellular companies in major cities have recently begun to put smaller cell phone and Wi-Fi antennas on power poles. These are part of the Distributed Antenna System (DAS) and make it so that some homes now have antennas 10 feet outside their bedroom window.

Although rooftop solar installations create EMI within a home and typically not recommend such a home. Solar may be perceived as an environmental savior, but it also creates unhealthy homes largely due to the power inverter and the EMI they create.

Measurement and evaluation of electromagnetic levels in house by experts can play a crucial role to demonstrate the levels of electromagnetic field and safety.

Experts of electromagnetic field shielding offer a comprehensive range of professional consulting services to address EMF and EMI. EMF Shielding Technicians are certified and use professional, certified testing equipment which covers a large range of electromagnetic frequencies from low to high frequency in wave Spectrum. EMF Assessments are offered for both residential homes and commercial workplaces. Every living space and workspace is unique. EMF measurements need to be taken at strategic points throughout the home or workplace. This information is then used to map out the concentration and sources of EMR and is an essential step for the implementation of protection solutions. No two EMR assessment maps are alike. Once the source is identified and strategies are discussed and implemented to reduce EMF at its source.

Residential EMF Testing:

For residential clients, we focus on the sleeping areas and areas you spend a great deal of time in. We check for the following:

  • AC Magnetic Fields – High voltage power lines, transformers, appliances, etc…
  • AC Electric Fields – Household wiring, appliances, cables, computers, etc…
  • DC Magnetic Fields – Building Materials, mattresses, etc…
  • DC electric Fields – Static Electricity, etc…
  • Dirty Electricity – Energy Saving Devices, etc…

Commercial EMF Testing:

For Commercial Buildings we focus on:

  • Equipment Interference Issues
  • Health and Safety Concerns

Some of the Equipment in which used:

  • Gigahertz Solutions NFA1000 EMF Analyzer (5Hz – 1 MHz)
  • Measures 3D AC Electric Fields and 3D AC Magnetic Fields / Gauss Meter

Health and Ideal Home:

There is so much that goes into choosing the right home. There is the look, feel, construction quality, price, location, investment potential, school district, community and so much more. The EMF piece is just one aspect of a complicated decision. However, the EMF piece is perhaps the most important aspect related to public health and it is something that people can control if they take the appropriate steps before purchasing a home.

EMF Shielding Products:

using EMF shielding products to reduce RF frequency and microwaves frequency electromagnetic pollution by 99% efficiency, its a best solution.

EMF shielding paint, EMF shielding wallpaper, EMF shielding window film and more than 40 types of shielding build material are these safe products.

EMF shielding products


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