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From EMF Measurement to Shielding Process!

Why Measurement? Why Shielding?

One of the most important pollution around us is Electromagnetic field pollution or electrosmog which is increasing day today. Sources of electromagnetic field pollution are computers, tablets, laptops, game consoles, baby monitors, kitchen appliances, Wi-Fi routers, wired products, Cell phones and Cordless phones, wearable gadgets, as internal sources of electromagnetic field pollution and cellular antennas and radars, broadcast infrastructures, electrical railroad and power distribution lines and etc. as are external sources of Electromagnetic field pollution.

EMF Pollution Effects: 

Recent scientific studies show that electromagnetic field pollution can cause many different side effects on the health of people and many syndromes and symptoms. Body symptoms, like pains and aches in your muscles, eye symptoms, such as burning sensations, foggy thinking and depression, Alzheimer and memory loss and decrease in learning rate, ear, nose, and throat symptoms and digestive disorders, infertility, leukemia in children, breast cancer or other cancer, side effect on the embryo in pregnant women, nervous system symptoms, like fatigue, stress and sleep disturbances, defect in the operation of cells.

So one of the most important steps toward safety and health against the Electromagnetic field is the evaluation of the electromagnetic field level in most occupied areas in homes or even in workplaces. Electromagnetic field measurement evaluation has been done by the use of electromagnetic field measurement devices to measure direction, intensity, and type of electromagnetic field.

After that, based on electromagnetic field levels and type, an appropriate electromagnetic field shielding solution could be applied in a focused situation. One of the most important electromagnetic field shielding solutions is EMF shielding paint which can be used to cover internal and external walls of buildings to eliminate electromagnetic field pollution in area. The composition of EMF shielding paint has Graphene particles that play the role of the faraday cup to isolate the structure. The color of EMF shielding paint is black and after applying it you can use other covers on it in a simple way. You can use EMF shielding paint just for critical walls which means that the wall in direction of electromagnetic field entrance to the building. It is important to apply EMF shielding paint by the help of experienced experts. EMF shielding paint must be grounded properly to act right. Shielding Efficiency of EMF shielding paint is more than 99/96 percent if it grounds the proper way. EMF shielding paint can be applied for the floor too.

EMF Shielding Products: 

Another shielding product is EMF shielding wallpaper which can be used for internal walls to prevent the entrance of electromagnetic field pollution to the buildings with beautiful design.

Other sources of electromagnetic field entrance are windows. So EMF shielding window film and EMF shielding curtain can be the best solution for the prevention of electromagnetic field pollution. Shielding efficiency of these products is about more than 99.96 percent too. So base on the situation proper solution is selected and applied by technical and experienced experts.

After the use of an electromagnetic field shielding solution, the efficiency of the products is evaluated again and it is repeated every 2 years by EMF experts to ensure about shielding efficiency of products.