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General Features of My Shield EMF Shielding Pregnancy Dress:

Advantages of EMF Shielding Textile:

  1. EMF shielding up to 99%.
  2. Antibacterial: Silver fibers have prevented the growth of the bacteria and germs which caused by sweating, contamination, or etc. and completely eliminated them.
  3. Antifungal: Silver fibers have a high potential in antifungal applications due to the ability of penetration in the cell membrane which causes the death of the fungus.
  4. Anti-odor: Silver compounds have crucial roles in the elimination of odors (changed or completely eliminated).
  5. Washable up to 100 times in case of proper care and rinse
  6. Body temperature adjustment: Because of the high thermal conductivity of these fabrics, it makes the body cool in the summer by proper air circulation and in winter, fabrics would maintain the body temperature.
  7. Environmentally compatibility: These products haven’t any harmful environmental effects according to European Standards and are made from natural materials and also have not any harmful effects on the skin or the surrounding area.
  8. Stylish and comfortable: The design of this textiles are soft and delicate which physiological comfort is given to the body because of natural hydrophilic fibers.
  9. Fabrics of these products are manufactured under the supervision of the International Standard GB12014-89.
  10. Respiratory and durability: The textiles which are used in these products have high durability due to the use of metallic fibers, rather than chemical composition, with high washing and abrasion stability. Also, due to the use of natural hydrophobic fibers, it will provide a high level of breathability and coolness to the skin.
  11. The safety, quality and EMF shielding properties of these fabrics are evaluated by the supervision of Shenzhen International Agency. And also the effectiveness of these products was performed by the Shanghai Medical Research Center. The effectiveness of these products is around 30-40 (dB) which eliminates more than 98% of the electromagnetic waves.
  12. Resilience: Due to the use of elastic fibers of textiles have high elasticity which can be suitable for all day long use.
  13. Elasticity 30%