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“Guideline for creating a safe Electroclimate in the bedroom”

Guideline for creating a safe Electro climate in the bedroom

The standard of Building Biology Testing Methods (SBM) was pioneered by Bau-Biologist Wolfgang maes in cooperation with the institute fur Baubiologie and Okologie Neubeuern (IBN). The place where we spend most of our time should have the lowest electromagnetic reading possible. Based on the precautionary principle, the building biology Guideline for sleeping Areas is designed to provide optimal conditions for maintaining long-term health and apply mainly during sleep and regeneration, when humans are most vulnerable to electromagnetic influences. The recommendations are based on decades of testing experience and thousands of sleeping-area surveys.

A Building Biology survey will measure primarily six parameters of the electromagnetic spectrum: alternating current (AC) electric fields, AC magnetic fields, radiofrequency radiation (RF), static fields, also known as direct current (DC) electric fields and DC magnetic fields, and radioactivity.

Sleeping Area Survey:

AC Electric Fields

The human body is an amazing self-rejuvenating entry that can repair itself while it sleeps. This is accomplished with its own internal electric system, which functions with very weak electrical impulses. Electrical impulses generated by the brain are used for intercellular communication. This is possible because the body is composed mainly of water with high mineral content, making it highly electrically conductive.

Vibration tells the cell when to divide. Brain cells, nerve cells, and bone cells all vibrate at different rates to communicate with one another. Unfortunately, our bodies act as tuning forks. When you vibrate a tuning fork (an external electrical influence), any other tuning fork in its vicinity (such as the body) will start vibrating at the same rate, or frequency, and cells will be confused about how fast to grow.

In the typical sleeping area, electrical exposure from external sources (live electrical wiring in ceilings, walls, and floor) is thousands of times stronger than the body’s own electrical system. Long-term exposure to these high-level electric fields can impact health by impairing the body’s ability to communicate within itself. You spend about a third of your life sleeping. Doesn’t it make sense to reduce exposure to electric fields in your sleeping area?