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Guideline to Use Laptop and Tablet Correctly!

Laptops – tablets

  • Using a laptop/tablet is an important source of electromagnetic fields exposure for a large portion of the population.


  • Due to their close contact with our body, they expose us to elevated low frequency electric and magnetic fields due to their battery, cables and electrical circuits and high-frequency fields due to their WLAN or WI-FI antennas which connect wirelessly to the internet.
  • There is research linking using a laptop with DNA damage and degradation of reproductive capacity.
  • You can distance the laptop from your body with the help of an external wired keypad.
  • By placing the laptop to a laptop stand, the screen is lifted to an ergonomically correct height which helps you avoid future problems in the neck.
  • Turn off the wireless function of the laptop/tablet when you are not wirelessly surfing the internet.
  • Better use a wired internet connection using an Ethernet network cable to connect your laptop to the modem.
  • Alternatively, use power line adaptors which pass the internet signal through your homes electrical circuits. This technology, however, is not the ideal substitute to networking with Ethernet cable because adding a high-frequency signal to the electric network of the house is distorting the mains electricity signal (maybe a problem in homes with elevated low-frequency electric fields).
  • Ethernet cables or power line adapters can also be used with some tablets by using Ethernet to USB or mini USB adapters.
  • Laptops may emit elevated low-frequency electric fields depending on their grounded or not plug, network cable connection, etc. – only a measurement of electric fields can tell us the safest way to use the laptop.
  • Reduction of the electromagnetic fields exposing your genitals when you have your laptop or tablet Wi-Fi antennas enabled is feasible by using electromagnetic shielding materials that reflect more than 99% of wireless radiation.