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The Effects of EMF Radiation on Male Fertility?

The Effects of EMF Radiation on Male Fertility?

Over the last half of the decade studies, there are many environmental factors that can affect male sperms like smoking, drinking, sleepiness, drugs, food choices, etc. However, there are many environmental issues that can contribute to a decline in fertility.

Development in technology and industry has simplified human life so in this modern society increased exposure of EMF radiation from a cellphone, computer, wiring in our homes, cell tower, and everything else is the effect on infertility.

mobile effects on male infertility

The testis are important and vital organs in male fertility which have high sensitivity, the EMF radiation from cellphone and devices affects sperm count, effectiveness, mobility, DNA fragmentation, and testosterone hormone.







According to a recent report, if you have a laptop on your lap for even just 4 hours can negative effectiveness about 25% of sperm.

After many studies, scientists concluded long-term exposure to low and high EMF frequency effect on infertility. The result of Salma. et al research showed the 800-900 MHz RF radio frequency (8h/day for 12 weeks) can decrease seminiferous tubules in the adult rabbit.

Education safety points to the correct use of electronic tools that can help you to have a safe life.