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How to increase your Melatonin levels to have a better sleep?

Increase Melatonin levels by doing easy tips


Nowadays insomnia is a common problem. Electromagnetic Field pollution (EMF pollution), Blue light of electric devices, sleep with the light on and Lack of some vitamins and hormones are some of the reasons that decrease the level of melatonin. lack of melatonin may cause insomnia and suffer many people by not being able to sleep or having a deep sleep during the night. Melatonin is the hormone released by the pineal gland and regulates the sleeping cycle.

People who suffer from insomnia can increase the Melatonin levels by doing some tips and by then help themselves for better sleep.

how to sleep better

1- sleep in a room diving into darkness

As we know light encourages feelings of wakefulness, alertness, and energy. Light exposure at night may cut Production of melatonin and stimulates alertness that can be a serious problem for healthy and refreshing sleep. sleeping in a room diving into darkness will allow you to secrete more melatonin.

2- Avoid using the screen with blue light before bedtime

the blue light released by the screen of a cell phone or laptop may interrupt the production of melatonin and leads to insomnia. avoid using these electrical devices and screens might be helpful.

3- Use some vitamins that help sleep regulation

Tryptophan is an essential amino acid helps regulate nervous system activity related to relaxation and sleep and producing serotonin and melatonin to improve sleep quality. tryptophan is dependent upon B6 for synthesis. Vitamin B6 converts a small amount of the tryptophan in your body to niacin, or vitamin B3, and serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps regulate sleep patterns. So Tryptophan and vitamin B6 indirectly help to improve sleep quality.

4- Avoid sleeping near electrical cables

based on the world health organization (who.int) report:

EMF pollution is one of the most important and environmental pollutions.

the electromagnetic field (EMF) consisting of two independent components:

Electric field: created by differences in voltage, the higher the voltage, the stronger will be the resultant field.  An electric field will exist even when there is no current flowing.

Magnetic field: created when electric current flows, the greater the current, the stronger the magnetic field.

Almost all electrical devices emit RF radiation and cause EMF pollution. some of the main sources of RF radiation are: Computers, Tablets, Laptops, Game consoles, Baby monitors, Kitchen appliances, Wi-Fi routers, Wired products, Cell phones, Cordless phones, Wearable gadgets, Cellular antennas, Bluetooth.

based on research and studies, exposure to RF radiation for a long time may cause health problems. melatonin secretion interruption is one of these problems EMF pollution may cause and leads to insomnia.

to avoid internal EMF pollution especially in the bedroom, turn off electrical devices and sleep far from electrical cables.

Critical group of people such as pregnant women, children, and the patient required to use some EMF personal protection material like EMF shielding pregnancy dress, EMF shielding infant clothing, EMF shielding hat, EMF shielding breast pad, EMF shielding Men’s underwear for keeping safe their body against RF radiation.

to avoid external EMF pollution, using protection material that blocks the entrance of RF radiation is recommended. EMF Shielding Paint, EMF shielding window film and EMF shielding wallpaper are some building protection materials that shield the building against RF radiation and keep the living place safe especially for the critical group of people and those who are EMF hypersensitive.


More information has been collected here, please keep reading it if you are interested to know more about EMF pollution and EMF shielding products against RF radiation.