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Profile Window Tapes
Profile Window Tapes


One of the most important parts of the entrance waves to buildings are windows which are shielded by EMF Shielding Window Filmes. However, window frameworks must be shielded by Profile Window Tapes which can be installed on profiles of different types of UPVC windows and other surfaces.

Advantages of the Profile Window Tapes:

  • Reduction of electromagnetic waves in the frequency range of 10MH to 40GH with 99% efficiency.
  • Easy to install because of an adhesive back, waterproof and washable.
  • Mounting on ceramic, wood, paint …
  • Tested at the Amir Kabir University Electromagnetic Research Center, Antenna Room, University of Tehran, and South Korea’s Wave Compatibility Lab. with 99% shielding efficiency
  • with different types and colors

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