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Anti-Radiation Air-tube headset
anti radiation air tube headset


According to Enterphone research, five countries in northern Europe have been found to be more prone to brain tumors than people who use cell phones for 10 years or more. Although cell phones do not cause cancer and brain tumors directly, they increase the risk of cancer significantly. Headaches, dizziness, nausea, chronic fatigue, sleep disturbances and … are examples of the mobile phone radiation on the brain.

If you use a mobile phone in a day for 50 minutes, brain glucose metabolism on one side is more than the other side.

People think that the use of hands-free can be as a safe way to protect themselves from cell phone waves, but one of the most important sources of electromagnetic radiation are headset (hands-free).

Electromagnetic waves pollution can reach the brain through metal wires of conventional and Bluetooth hands-free devices.

So, how can we prevent exposure to electromagnetic radiation headsets?

Air tube headset recommended for protection against electromagnetic waves pollution.

Air tube headset

The air tube headset is a tube without wire and used air tube to transmit sound to the ear. A hollow tube filled with air can increase the sound quality, bright and quick to hear, and also can eliminate electromagnetic waves pollution.

This system can reduce electromagnetic pollution to 99.9 ratios popular hands-free.

air tube headset


  • The first and most important features of this hand-free are reduction radiation and protection about electromagnetic waves pollution.
  • Air-tube headset design: use a silicone tube to transmit sound instead of electric and wired tubes and speakers near to head and ears.



  • Microphone: This hand-free has a microphone for voice calls, increases and reduces sound, audio recording which can be used.
  • Speaker: Has a great sound quality speaker.
  • Control Button: Easily access to various functions such as answering or disconnecting, playing music etc.
  • 5mm plug: This size can help you connect with all hands-free devices.
  • Select and install tip size: select one of the three size of tip to fit with your ears.

air-tube headset


  • The tube can be wrapped around the ear to help keep the buds in place.

air-tube headset

  • The control button is used for answer and hang up, play and pause music, increase and reduce volume and etc.

air-tube headset