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EMF Measurement
EMF measurement

Measurement of electromagnetic waves:

Nowadays, one of the most important environmental pollution’s, are electromagnetic waves which are distributed all around us beyond natural levels of EMF in the environment.  Evaluation of electromagnetic waves contamination levels is very important because this type of contamination is not recognizable by the five senses of humans. Therefore, our surrounding environment may have significant pollution levels in which long-term effects of exposure to these levels of EMF appear on the body over time. The evaluation of electromagnetic waves levels in place is essential in cases of which vulnerable group of people (such as pregnant women, children or babies, sick people, elderly people, people with certain diseases, such as diabetes, MS, cancer, etc) are living there. In these conditions, the amount of environmental EMF pollution must be investigated. Also, the evaluation of electromagnetic fields levels is very important for places which pregnant women live there.

The electromagnetic waves measurements process is as follows:

  1. Contact the company for coordination of measurement time with the relevant experts.
  2. Technical experts evaluate the electromagnetic filed pollution by calibrated and precise devices in three parameters as entrance direction, intensity, and type of waves.
  3. There are some simple solutions which could manage artificial sources of electromagnetic waves such as wireless phones, Wi-Fi modems, and more.

In case of external sources of electromagnetic waves such as BTS antenna out of the buildings, protective solutions are represented by technical experts. The measurement process takes about 30 minutes which is in accordance with the American Institute of Building Biology and Ecology guideline as SBM 2015. It should be noted that the transfer of cell towers which are under the supervision of national authorities are almost impossible. They are acceptable based on national standards. But the principle problem is the health effect of electromagnetic waves on the body of people with high sensitivity at low levels. Consequently, the American Institute of Building Biology and Ecology has made precautionary guideline about acceptable levels of many parameters such as electromagnetic levels pollution’s in residential buildings. after evaluation of EMF levels and comparison with SBM 2015, shielding solutions are applied by technical experts. In most cases, the building is shielded with “EMF Shielding Paint”, “EMF Shielding Wallpapers”, “EMF shielding thin window film” in appropriate and economical methods. The efficiency of shielding is controlled to ensure the health of the environment annually.

The Sina Health Company is able to:

  • Detect and measure the amount of waves pollution emitted from artificial sources of EMF.
  • Measurements of the intensity and direction of the beams of cellular phones and BTS antennas
  • Wireless Internet Modems, Wi-Fi, WiMAX
  • EMF evaluation in a range of 1.9 GHz and 2.4 GHz
  • Bluetooth System, Bluetooth wireless communication devices up to 6 GHz
  • High Power Racks in frequency range 16Hz to  100kHz
  • Detection of contamination levels of electric and magnetic fields in the bedroom and problems of the electrical wiring
  • Evaluation of pollution associated with electrical appliances in the bedroom and other places of the buildings