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EMF Shielding Breast Pad
EMF Shielding Breast Pad


Breast Cancer is one of the most common diseases in women around the world. Breast cancer will be curable and preventable if detected in primary steps. The reason for breast cancer is not clear precisely, but several factors such as genetic factors, nutrition, and lifestyle may have a crucial role in the development of many different diseases like breast cancer. According to the many scientific researches , penetration of radio and microwaves in breast tissues is very high which may have potentially chronic effects of cancer formation and development of breast cancer.

EMF Shielding Breast Pad MyShield consists of two circular breast protectors which protect the mother’s breast against any environmental EMF pollution that emitted from electronic devices such as cell phones, wireless phones and laptops, and Wi-Fi modems. According to the quotation Deputy Minister of Health and Cure Organization, the prevalence of this cancer in our country is 18 years earlier than in the western countries.


Technical Features

EMF Shielding Breast Pad MyShield

  • are based on internationalOEKO-Tex 100 standard, which means ensuring high quality and compatibility and non-toxicity and skin allergies.
  • Other features of this product are washable, breathability, lightness and compatibility.
  • After repeated washing, the protective effect of this product is not changeable.
  • Shielding efficiency of these pads is according to the IEEE Std 299-2006 standard which is more than 99%.
  • It is recommended that this product is used during pregnancy as well as during lactation that sensitive breast tissues are less exposed to electromagnetic shocks.