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EMF Shielding Infant Clothing
EMF Shielding Infant Clothing


New studies find that infant and children brains absorb more microwave radiation from wireless sources. It is important to know that “Children and infants are not little adults.” Exposure of infants and children to electromagnetic radiation depending on the stage of their growth has harmful health effects and will cause damage to them in the future. The World Panel of Cancer, in 2010, has stated that children are at greater risk of EMF side effect because of lower weight and faster physical development. Therefore protective actions are required all over the time even after birth and as long as their growth. EMF shielding infant clothing is one of the individual protective products for protection about electromagnetic waves pollution’s.

Textiles Features

The fabrics which are used in these products are produced in Swiss Shield company as a validate company in the field of EMF shielding textiles in the world. Sina health development high tech company is one of Swiss Shield company agent in Iran

These textiles are certified by the international Oeko-Tex 100 from Switzerland, which is the highest and most recognized standard in the world for textiles in the field of health and safety. This certificate is in Class I for baby clothes that meet the environmental and human standards. It is recommended that these clothes should be used from the first month of birth to 2 years to cover the head and baby’s body. This dress does not have any skin allergy especially in direct contact with the body and can be used continuously.


  • A certificate of protection against electromagnetic waves from the University of Tehran
  • OECO-Tex 100 (the most authoritative mark) The World’s Standard of Textiles for Safety and Health (Testex AG, Switzerland),
  • anti-bacterial and anti-fungal certification from the Pasteur Institute and the Tarbiat Modarres University School of Medical Sciences
  • ُSkin compatibility and loss of allergic features from Shanghai

EMF Shielding Infant Clothes Washing Instructions:

Wash the clothes with hand in a slow manner. The cotton yarn is sensitive to water pollution and can be damaged.
Water which is used to wash is required to be free from salt and chlorine, and it is better to use water purified, refined water or mineral water.
The sweat of the body can also reduce the life of silver, so if you are sweating very much, it’s better to wash your clothes to be free of sweat.
Use non-acidic detergents such as gentle, non-bleaching shampoos, such as baby shampoos.
Washing temperature: below 40 ° C.
Do not use a laundry
Do not squeeze the clothes
Do not place under the sunlight for long periods of time
Do not use a hot iron
(It should be noted that the clothes may turn shorter several times after the initial washing can be caused. This Dehydration is normal and there is no change in the efficiency of clothing, so the length of clothing is considered a few centimeters bigger)