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EMF Shielding Laptop Apron

One of the main concerns of people when using a laptop or tablet for long periods of time is the potential of biological damage. Absorption of Electromagnetic waves in the abdomen and genital organ is very harmful, especially for men.

EMF Shielding Laptop Apron is used to protect the body against emitted electromagnetic radiation from devices such as laptops, tablets, and other wireless devices. Major concerns of people are health effects of electromagnetic waves due to the use of laptops or tablets for long periods of time.  My Shield EMF Shielding Laptop Apron is used to cover the body against electromagnetic waves which are emitted from laptops, tablets, and other wireless devices.

EMF Shielding Laptop Apron with full coverage in front of the body from neck to feet reduces the vulnerability to waves. The protective effect of these products is more than 99% against the radiation emitted from a laptop, tablet, cell phone, wireless phone, modem, and other wireless devices.

The effectiveness of EMF Shielding Apron

  • The protective properties of these textiles are permanent against radio waves and microwaves.
  • It has protective properties more than 30 dB in many frequency ranges ( 100 MHz -10 GHz)
  • Washable