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EMF Shielding Wi-Fi Router Cover
EMF Shielding Wi-Fi Router Cover


Wi-fi router is one of the most important sources of electromagnetic emission in homes. The waves are often propagated much larger than our home area that even our neighbors can use our wireless internet and they can sense health effects of electromagnetic fields such as sleep disorders, headaches, fatigue, or some health effects. Since it is impossible to avoid using the technologies and preventing from the development of unreasonable and impossible technology while ignoring the harmful effects of these waves, it is better to manage use of these technologies. This product was created first in the world by Sina Health Development High Tech Company which is exported to other countries.

The purpose of this product is to minimize its destructive effects along with proper use of technology. The wavelength reduction mechanism in this product is that after placing the cover on the WiFi antenna, it creates a shadow on the modem released from the waves and can reduce the antenna and the radius of the waves contamination without much change in download speed. Because in some places due to low space, the modem cannot be placed far from the body or the bedroom, the body becomes over-exposed when using the Internet.

How to use the EMF Shielding Wi-Fi router cover:

Remove the Wi-Fi modem out of the bedroom, warp your modem antennas, or turn it into an antenna if you have a few antennas.

router cover

Put the EMF Shielding Wi-Fi router cover on the modem. You can reduce the intensity and wavelength range of the modem antenna with more coverage.

EMF Shielding Wi-Fi Router Cover

Effect of Wi-fi Router Cover on Propagated Signals


after use Wi-Fi router cover

Fabrics which is used for EMF shielding Wi-Fi router covers can be used inside of the pockets of pants to keep your genital organs serious damage according to mobile phones in the pocket. Waves emitted from cell phones are one of the main causes of infertility in men and cause certain genetic changes in the children in the future. The effect of these waves on the number, quality, morphology, and survival of sperms has been shown and reported in scientific researches. Therefore, this pocket-sized coating can reduce the spread of waves in direct contact with male genital organs and reduce some of the infertility problems and etc.wi-fi cover in jean


About Wi-Fi Radiation

In a 2007 survey, reports were published that showed that many people suffered from insomnia. Studies and research show that waves produced from Wi-Fi are electromagnetically generated and affect waves of sleep. Reports and research show that wrapping a Wi-Fi cellphone while sleeping next to you or in an apartment with a large number of Wi-Fi employs will cause bombardment on your body and sleep disorders. Patterns of calm and natural sleep. On the other hand, major problems in sleep have other major problems, including depression and high blood pressure.

Reduce child growth

Research shows that waves generated from third and fourth generation modems (3G and 4G) have a direct effect on the growth of human cellular tissues, especially the fetus, and reduce their trend of development. A scientific study by an Australian scientist in 2009, showed that electromagnetic waves destroy protein synthesis (the site of protein production in the body), an Australian scientist wrote in a note: “Protein synthesis has the task of producing the protein in the body that promotes development of tissues and cells of the body  of children and young people. Therefore, it can be concluded that people of these ages are vulnerable for health risk ”

Reduced growth of body cells and plants

IIn 2013, a group of Danish students admitted that nights sleeping next to their cell phones cause to do not focus on their work after waking up, and their learning rate reduce. So, group of scientists carried out the experiment on the plants, in the form of placing a number of plants in a room with Wi-Fi waves and a number of them in an empty room without any wave, too. After some time It was observed that there were no growths in the plants exposed to WiFi radiation While others had significant growth.

Reduce brain function with 3G and 4G internet waves / Reduce brain activity

A group of 15 women and 15 men were volunteers to test their intelligence; initially, all participants were tested in a place that was far from the rays and waves of Wi-Fi. This exam was held without any problems or complex effects. In the next step, the participants were exposed to a 2.4 GHz wave from a WiFi modem; during the test, the brain function was checked in individuals, which afterward found that brain performance dropped sharply during the tests.

EMF Shielding Wi-Fi Cover Washing Instructions:

  • Wash the Wi-Fi Router Cover with hand in a slow manner. The cotton yarn is sensitive to water pollution and can be damaged.
    Water which is used to wash is required to be free from salt and chlorine, and it is better to use water purified, refined water or mineral water.
  • Use non-acidic detergents such as gentle, non-bleaching shampoos, such as baby shampoos.
  • Washing temperature: below 40 ° C.
  • Do not use a laundry
  • Do not squeeze the fabric
  • Do not place under the sunlight for long periods of time