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EMF Shielding Window Film
EMF shielding window film


Electromagnetic waves enter the house secretly. Headaches and chronic fatigue symptoms of exposure to these waves. Windows is the main source of electromagnetic waves entrance into the building. external sources of EMF are emitting waves which exposed people all day long. Most levels of pollution are in rooms with windows which are in front of these sources. EMF shielding window film keeps your home from unwanted radiation. This product is available in varying degrees of transparency, you can choose and order it as needed.

  • Shielding Efficiency of electromagnetic waves is more than 99.9%.
  • EMF shielding window films are one of our products which prevent penetration of electromagnetic pollution’s to home that has been developed using nanotechnology and nano-coatings.
  • it has been registered with the patent number 83113 in the Intellectual Property Register, nano particle EMF shielding window film.
  • Another benefit of this product is the reduction of UV light to a standard.
  • Easy installation, high efficiency, and long life, cost-effective (a tenth of the price-resistant glass waves) and energy saving through the windows.

Currently, these labels have been installed in a large number of residential, official and commercial buildings, hospitals, medical centers, educational centers, schools, kindergartens, universities, high-pollution centers, switching operator rooms and more.

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Different Type of EMF Shielding Window Film

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