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Infant EMF Shielding Canopy
Infant EMF Shielding Canopy


Scientific studies about the health effects of the electromagnetic fields have shown high absorption rate of EMF in infants or children body more than adolescents especially in the brain because of a thin skeleton.

Also, one of the most important side effects of daily exposure to electromagnetic waves is sleep disturbance. development of telecommunication infrastructures and wireless technologies increase electromagnetic waves pollution levels. Exposure to electromagnetic fields all day long has led to finding a proper solution to reduce health side effects.

EMF Shielding Canopy is one of waves clinics’ products which prevents from electromagnetic waves side effect on sleep and causes people to be fresh after sleep.

EMF Shielding Canopy is produced in different type and size and in order to customer requests which provides a quiet and healthy sleep.

  • The efficiency of the electromagnetic field shielding of this product is around 99% up to 2 gigahertz.
  • Washable
  • Transferable
  • Quick and easy installation

Note: The Bed Canopy is Easy to install, washable, and no need for grounding and great for home use or travel.

Note: Electromagnetic field absorption in children is more than adolescents so should be protected with proper solutions. Infant EMF Shielding Canopy can provide a safe sleep environment for children

These products are made of Swiss Shield fabrics with shielding efficiency about 25 dB up to 1 GHz

Prevention is always better than treatment; therefore, it is necessary to protect our body from harmful health effects of electromagnetic waves. Health effects of electromagnetic field on the body include effects on the immune system, the nervous system, memory and memory loss, and the reproductive system, sleep disturbance, headache, development of children, hormonal disorders. So one of the best ways to protect the family against electromagnetic waves is to use electromagnetic field shielding canopy to reduces exposure to electromagnetic waves.