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Radiation Free Phone (Coco Phone )

By increasing and the growing number of cell phone calls, families, authorities, scientists, and researchers have raised many concerns about the effects of electromagnetic waves on the health of human body, especially the brain. According scientific studies, cell phone released the waves which interfere with the normal functioning of the brain by increasing glucose activity. Headaches, dizziness, nausea, depression, chronic fatigue, eye pain, sleep disturbances, and … all can be effects of electromagnetic waves on the brain.


Anti-Electromagnetic Phone

A new way to communicate by cell phone at home or at work in safe mood is using Anti-Electromagnetic phone. Also, by connecting this phone to the laptop or tablet, you can have a secure conversation when using applications like Skype or call.


These safe phones can reduce the levels of EMF up to 96%. These devices are very user-friendly and nearly match with all cellphones.  Design of this product is very beautiful and have no effect on voice clearance.