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Reduce Cordless Phone Risks!

Cordless phones!

  • The handset of the cordless telephone only radiates when you speak while the base of the cordless phone radiates constantly, even on standby.
  • Replace your cordless telephone with a wired one or at least a wireless phone with zero radiation on standby mode, the base of which emits radiation only when you make calls.
  • If you do not want to replace the cordless phone, place it as far away from places where most of your time (especially the bedroom).
  • During calls switch on the speakerphone, and place the headset as far away as possible from your body.

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What to do about the wireless devices (cordless phones, routers, etc.) of your neighbors

  • Since most houses now have cordless telephones, Wi-Fi modems or other wireless antennas such as baby monitors, cell phone signal repeaters, wireless game consoles, smart TVs etc. you are likely to be exposed to high levels of wireless radiation because of your neighbors.

You might not use wireless devices and speak very little on your cell phone and still be exposed to cumulative higher radiation levels than heavy users of cell phones, due to your exposure to radiation from antennas of neighboring apartments.

  • You can see how much wireless radiation is coming from neighboring apartments by using a High Frequency Radiation Meter.
  • In case of high radiation values ​​because of your neighbors, you can move your bed, desk or sofa away from wireless hot spots.
  • Fabrics reflecting wireless radiation can be placed in the living room or your bed when the radiation source is located below.
  • With special electromagnetic shielding paint, you can paint the walls from which the wireless radiation comes from.

Electromagnetic Field Shielding Canopy

  • Practical solution, at least for bedrooms, offer the electromagnetic shielding canopies, which are especially useful in buildings with dozens of wireless phones and Wi-Fi networks.

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