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Safe Ways to Use Wi-Fi!

Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi or WLAN)

  • The wireless modem-router you use to connect to the Internet constantly radiates, whether you are using it to surf the internet or not.
  • Turn off the wireless function of your wireless router modem (usually by pressing a button – or through its online setting – ask the manufacturer if you do not know how) and use a network cable (Ethernet) to connect your computer or laptop.
  • If you do not want to disable the wireless function of the modem, move it as far away from places where you spend much of your time and shut down the modem when it’s not used at least during the evenings.
  • Alternatively, you can use Power Line adaptors (insert an adapter Power line into an outlet and connect it to the modem and other adapters in sockets of remote rooms. where you want to have internet connection).

EMF shielding router cover

Distribution of electromagnetic field levels before (Left Pic) and after (Right Pic) use of EMF Shielding Wi-Fi Router Cover