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Strategies for Creating a Healthy Home

What’s the Meaning of Healthy Home?

The use of the toxic substance in construction is standard. Furthermore, certain prevalent construction practices lead to destructive moisture conditions, pest invasions, or unsafe combustions, all of which can cause even the most chemically inert home to become unhealthy over time. The occupants too will greatly influence the longevity and healthfulness of any home through the day-to-day interaction they have with it.

In general, there are 5 strategies for building health:

  • Designing for health
  • Employing the climate-based understanding for construction detailing
  • Reducing EMF pollution through the choice of building materials
  • Introducing quality control measure’s during construction
  • Providing for an ongoing healthy home environment through occupant education

Designing for health

Although all home should be designed to support health, healthy housing is unfortunately considered to be a specialized field of residential design. There are basic design features that should be included in all homes, but they are often overlooked.

Notice the increase of the number telecommunication antenna around you?

Running away from the telecommunication antenna and other generating sources in these modern societies are impossible. Knowing simple things about how to properly use electronic devices is very helpful. Today, the health of the residential and official building is very important. Spend a lot of time in these places make secretly illness such as insomnia, chronic fatigue, headache, miscarriage, etc.

So one of the best recommendation to improve your building health is shielding after measurement of EMF pollutions. EMF pollution measuring does with an expert to determine sources and the 3 important of EMF problems “types of waves, the intensity of waves, direct of waves”.

Therefore, use EMF shielding products for building can make 99% safety in RF and Microwaves frequency. These EMF protection products are able to block electromagnetic field pollutions.

EMF Shielding Paint: this is a high-tech product can install on walls, roof, floor and… with 99% efficiency against EMF pollution.

EMF Shielding Paint


EMF shielding Window Film: this is a high-tech product can install on Glasses. This product has different types of opacity.

EMF Shielding Window Film


EMF Shielding Wallpaper: this is a high-tech product can install on the walls that make beautiful views.

EMF Shielding Wallpaper