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Tips to Have Healthier Pregnancy!

Knowing the bad effects on your pregnancy period!

If you are on planning to pregnant, be sure to read this article.

You may be pregnant or have planning to be pregnant. Certainly, your mind involves many questions to have a healthy pregnancy period. Staying healthy during pregnancy with these tips.

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Introduce EMF pollution bad effects on your pregnancy!

EMF pollution made by many sources such as Wi-Fi, mobile, tablet, laptop, Bluetooth system, smart gadgets, cordless phone, and some other electronic devices. The main problem of EMF pollution is comprehensive with 5 senses but they can have some different problems and make illnesses to pregnant women and her fetus.

Quality of sleep during pregnancy period!

EMF pollution has a direct and indirect bad effect on melatonin secretion, especially during night sleep. So the pregnant women need asleep with high quality to have an energy and safety pregnancy period.

EMF pollution can the distribution of melatonin secretion. this effect takes away deep and comfortable sleep.

Stress level and emotional state!

In-utero health is so important because researchers have found that high-stress levels during the pregnancy period cause preterm labor. Unfortunately, EMF pollution leads to increased stress.

Furthermore, preterm birth including learning disorders, impaired growth of lungs, heart, brain, organs and infant mortality. Sometimes high-stress levels made miscarriage.

Although increase blood pressure, heart problems, and diabetes are common illness during pregnancy that EMF pollution has a supplement to increase them.

Things to remember!

In today’s world, life without technology seems impossible. To know the correct usage of electronic devices is an easy and free way to have healthier and safe against those bad effects.

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