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What Material Can Block EMF?

How Do Shielding Products Work? 

Electromagnetic field and waves can cross every obstacle even concrete walls. The surface can block EMF, are metal surfaces. So we can understand easily the EMF shielding products base are metal. The types, degree, and strength of EMF shielding products are so different and suitable for every surfaces such as walls, windows even personal protection.

For example, EMF shielding paint of “Waves Clinic” Co. can use for walls, ceiling, and floor with 99% efficiency.

EMF shielding paint


EMF shielding wallpaper blocks EMF pollution with a nice view in more than 15 types.



EMF shielding wallpaper

EMF shielding window film is  another EMF shielding material and products that install on the window to make a protection position from the window.

EMF shielding window film


EMF shielding products for personal protection produced for some people need protection against EMF pollution such as EHS people and especially protection fetus and pregnancy period.

Why Should you be Worried about EMF Exposure?

Health effect and safety risks from EMF exposure or pollution have a 3 position:

  • Direction effects
  • Long-term effects
  • Indirect effects

Any of these conditions can disrupt the activity of the correct cell. Also, the need to know the EMF exposure effect is so different in every person’s body.

What Kind of Illness is Caused by EMF Exposure?

must you know the radiation cannot touch, smell, feel and teats. So if you sense insomnia, chronic fatigue, bored and … in most of the time, have to attention how to use your personal electronic devices such as cellphone, laptop, tablet, Bluetooth system and…

radiation, in a long time can cause some illness are as follow:

  • Cancer
  • Brain tumor
  • Autism
  • Alzheimer
  • Parkinson
  • Miscarriage
  • Blood pressure and…

Waves Clinic Present and Help You Like…

Waves Clinic same as other big and famous companies such as Yshield, lessemf, emrss and… present modern solutions like EMF pollution measurement and products to shield buildings and have protection against EMF pollution.