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What Need to Know About Danger of EMF Exposure!

Avoid properties with high levels of high-frequency electromagnetic fields!

These fields are generated by mobile phone antennas, broadcasting antennas, wireless internet modems, bases wireless phones, etc.

What need to know:

  • Wireless radiation in densely populated areas is increased both in intensity and in signals variety due to the presence of more antennas.
  • In apartment buildings, high-frequency radiation values are often recorded due to the multitude of cordless phones and Wi-Fi internet modems
  • The lower floors are usually less exposed to wireless radiation from external sources (radio antennas, mobile telephony antennas, radars, etc.) while the higher floors and houses with an open view are more exposed to wireless radiation.
  • Avoid homes that have visual contact with a cell phone mast in distance <500 meters (common mast sites: next to busy roads, buildings of telecommunications companies, incorporate buildings, factories, in areas with many offices, shops, etc.)
  • Cell phone masts are often camouflaged as heaters, signs, chimneys within steeples, etc. to avoid confrontations with the neighbors

void proximity to radio and television broadcasting sites, military premises, airports, and ports.

Try to visit the terrace of the property to visually check the possible existence of any type of antennas.

Avoid properties with high levels of low-frequency magnetic fields!

These fields are mainly emitted by power cables due to power consumption.

What need to know:

  • Usually, the more populated and densely build the areas, the higher the magnetic fields emitted by the power cables.
  • Prefer properties with distance> 10 meters from low and medium voltage power cables (the most common cause of high magnetic fields).
  • Prefer properties with distance> 150 meters from high voltage power lines.
  • Avoid basements and ground floor apartments where the power distribution cables are not visible, which means they are underground.
  • Avoid properties adjacent to power transformers or substations.
  • Avoid houses with floor heating system (with the exception of water pipes or shielded dual-core conductors).
  • In homes with metal water pipes and / or radiators high magnetic field values are often recorded due to the existence of leakage currents (net currents).

Avoid properties with high levels of low-frequency electric fields!

These fields are emitted from power cables, electrical panels, electrical appliances, etc. due to electrical voltage.

What need to know:

  • Electric fields inside homes are especially dependent on the presence of nearby electrical devices and cables in the walls and there are many easy ways to reduce them. Older homes may have higher values of electric fields due to deteriorated insulation of cables, earthling, etc.
  • Electric fields from external sources such as high voltage power lines, do not enter inside houses because they are grounded from most building materials (except wood). High values of electric fields may be recorded outdoors at a distance <200 meters from high voltage cables.
  • However, high electric fields around the high voltage power lines, are a noise source (especially in wet weather).
  • Also, electric fields attract microparticles from the atmosphere and charge them, which makes them easier to attach to the skin and lungs.
  • The problem of ionization of the microparticles can be significant in regions with high atmospheric pollution (e.g. adjacent to busy roads, in factories). The charged particles can travel by the help of air up to 5 km away. To a lesser extent, this phenomenon is also observed near medium-voltage lines.





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