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Why buildings need to be a shield against EMF pollution?

Why peoples don’t know EMF pollution?

Actually, EMF pollution is new pollution that is hidden and cannot feel by 5 senses so it’s unbelievable to a majority of people. Sometimes, the waves cause high temperatures after a long time and this position is so dangerous because the waves hit the body and change the cells normal action.

Knowing the correct and safe way to use electronic devices can help you a lot. You know what? Because some devices like cellphones, Wi-Fi, smart gadgets, laptops, tablets, and some other baby monitors are usual and awful sources that make EMF pollution.

Can you avoid electronic devices?

I know your answer is “NO” because life in this modern society is electronic so we must use electronic devices.

Knowing free and easy ways to use more safety with impressive help.

Waves clinic has a free method for electronic devices and present EMF shielding products to decrease EMF pollution by up to 99%. EMF shielding products are suitable for personal protection and isolate buildings.

EMF shielding products for personal protection suggest to all of the people especially for EHS (Electromagnetic hypersensitivity) and pregnancy period.

“You Must know: Electromagnetic field pollution makes some diseases such as Insomnia, Alzheimer’s, Chronic fatigue, the pain of eyes and… “

EMF shielding products that use for buildings are so different and suitable for all parts of the buildings. The residential and official building is the main goal such as your home and your work place and it doesn’t matter where is it, because the main goal of waves clinic and other similar companies, is one goal and its “health”.

Introduce EMF shielding products:

EMF shielding paint used for the protection of RF and microwaves pollution. EMF shielding paint can isolate walls, ceiling, and floor.

EMF shielding paint


EMF shielding window film with 3 grades makes a thin film on the window to protect your home against EMF pollution that enters from the window.

EMF shielding window film


EMF shielding wallpaper makes a protection layer on the walls. In addition, a protection layer against EMF pollution, it can design your home beautifully.

EMF shielding wallpaper