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Why we Need EMF Shielding Pregnancy Dress?

Why do we need EMF shielding fabrics?

EMF shielding fabrics and textiles protect the human body against electromagnetic fields (EMF).

In the present time and age, electromagnetic fields surround us more than ever before. The development of electromagnetic devices such as cellphones and cordless phones, Wi-Fi, telecommunication antennae, Bluetooth systems, smart gadgets, far distance control systems, and many more express the many types of electromagnetic fields in different ranges of frequencies.

EMF emitting:

Electromagnetic radiation can be emitted such that it surrounds the human body from every angle. It is therefore imperative that females who are pregnant protect both their body and the developing fetus against exposure to both radiofrequency radiation (RF) as well as other types of EMF.

There is increasing public health concern regarding EMF exposure and the developing fetus. The concern surrounds long-term exposure from wireless technology of different sources.

EMF Shielding pregnancy dress


Studies on RF and EMF-ELF have shown the bio effect of radiation and its harmful effects on fetuses and children.

Recent studies, as well as increasing concern regarding the harmful effects of EM radiation, has resulted in countries developing guidelines to limit EMF exposure in various places such as schools, kindergartens, and hospitals.

What can we do to control EMF effects?

To further protect fetuses against RF radiation, one can use an EMF shielding pregnancy dress. The dress consists of cotton, polyester and metal fibers. These compounds can protect the fetus from EMF pollution with an efficiency of 99%. Waves Clinic and other companies within the same field such as www.lessemf.com,  www.swissshield.chwww.emfrf.comwww.yshield.com, etc. advise using this dress even when trying to conceive.

Nevertheless, babies and children are exposed to many EMF sources even within the home. For further protection from RF and EMF radiation, EMF shielding canopies can be used for infants and parents can be educated on the correct use of electronic devices.

EMF bioeffects can include:

  • Miscarriage
  • ADHD
  • Autism
  • EHS
  • Brain Tumors
  • Blood Concern
  • Insomnia
  • Nightmare
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Inability to focus and…

The Waves Clinic presents many solutions to decrease the negative effects of EMF. Electromagnetic measuring and EMF shielding products such as paint, wallpapers, window films and more can protect against EMF pollution with an efficiency of 99%.

You can find EMF solutions and shielding products at:

You can also find these products at www.nanosina.com, www.emfadvice.com, www.emrss.com, www.emfinspecting.com, www.amazone.com and some other websites.